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The ideacity Conference

This renowned gathering has been called Canada’s “Premier meeting of the minds” for over 20 years.

Offering "50 Great Speakers, 3 Unforgettable Parties and a Ton of Inspiration", ideacity has been Canada’s answer to the TED Conference since 2000.


There is a literal firehose of ideas flying around over 3 days of riveting talks, thought provoking debates, and some utterly mind bending presentations and performances! 

So the organizers have throughtfully organized several engaging and innovative mind-body stretch breaks, and carefully scheduled them into each day of the conference.


This helps conference goers stay fresh, focused, energized, and mentally relaxed, enabling them absorb and process the sheer volume of ideas, coming at them over 3 days.

I had the pleasure of presenting with some wonderful people, and hope you participate as you watch some of the stretch breaks below.

Please enjoy them all and hope to see you at the next ideacity Conference!

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