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Workplace Wellness

isn't enough anymore.

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It's time for

After everything people have been through, workplace wellness has to innovate in order to meet employees needs now.

Burnout is rampant, and morale is low, and people need the WOW factor.

Let's work together to raise the wellness bar by exploring new dimensions of healing, and making employees feel GREAT!

The kind of WOW factor that is transformational and sustainable.

I enjoyed an exciting and rich path of growth through a 20 year career with top companies in finance, technology, and healthcare.  Working at Royal Bank, TD, CIBC, Digital Equipment, Compaq Computers, Sun Microsystems, and other industry leaders, gives me a unique POV around the hazards of work related stress across many industries. 


That experience informs my creative approach in working with different groups, and addressing their unique needs.

I'm brimming over with OMazing ideas to help you and support your group's wellness goals!  Fee free to check out some of my work below, and lets connect!

Healing Yoga Office Tips
for One Television

Healing Yoga
Office Survival Guide Workshop

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Experiential Wellness Education

Sharing research on the beneficial effects of restorative yoga on symptoms associated with Lyme Disease, while taking the audience through a simple healing sequence. (Lyme Out Loud Medical Symposium and Conference 2017)

Outdoor Yoga Breaks

Team building with sunshine, fresh air, laughs, and Healing Yoga with staff at the Osteoporosis Society, in the beautiful sculpture garden at the White Oak Resort in Niagara.

osteoporosis meeting deb corporate yoga.jpg
deb and jaysea at ideacity.jpg

Conference Stretch Breaks

Conference attendees appreciate mind body hacks so they can optimize their experience at events.  I truly enjoyed the amazing people I met at the ideacity Conference both times I presented. 

Please be sure to check out the ideacity page to see us in action!

Employee Wellness Lunches

Sharing practical ideas that are easy to incorporate in everyday office life!  An office yoga practice with a delicious & healthy lunch as a part of an mindful eating exercise, featuring dark chocolate covered fruit!

karina goulds office staff_edited_edited.jpg
deb doing a talk at the lyme out loud conference.jpg

Trauma Informed Yoga

This approach informs my interactions with people I work with and support.

I meet people where they are, and encourage them in the diretion of cultivating the power of their inner resources.  

Want the WOWness?
Let's Connect!

Thanks!  I'll be in touch soon!

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