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Deborah Devine

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My Yoga Journey

Working hard and achieving my wildest Type A dreams in the corporate world took a huge toll on my health.

Nothing worked and everything hurt.  I couldn't cross my knees, or even touch my fingers behind me, and I was terrified of yoga.  But it was love at first breath in Nesta Falladown's class in 2002.

I felt truly relaxed for the first time in years, so I had to keep coming back to get that healing feeling.

I just kept coming back to the mat every day and putting into practice everything I was learning.  Through this almost effortless effort, I experienced an incredible transformation in mind, body, and spirit.


My practice became the sweet medicine I never knew I needed.   

After graduating with distinction from Nesta's 250hr YTT in 2008, my thirst for knowledge led me into many exciting new directions.


Coming from a finance and technology background, I had an open mind to yoga's proven scientific benefits , while maintaining a healthy awareness and skepticism towards certain areas of the yoga world.

Sharing an accessible and simple approach to healing through yoga and ayurveda in my classes led to the wonderful opportunity to teach Healing Yoga across Canada every day on One TV and VisionTV.

It has been a blessing to learn from some legendary teachers over the years, but my best and wisest teachers are the folks who participate in the Wellness Yoga Group, a part of the Carpenter Hospice Outreach Program.  This is the first place I taught right after graduation, and I still love leading weekly classes there today! 

Shout out to one of the peer-leaders of the Wellness Group, Rolly Astrom, photographer extraordinaire, who took these omazing photo's here at the beautiful Burlington Labrynth in Central Park! :-)

Please make yourself right at home!  I'm so glad you're here! 

Let's break down yoga's ancient principles into digestible bites, let's distill it's time-tested wisdom into practical action in our daily life so we can feel GREAT, right NOW!

Are you ready?
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